Catching SubhanAllah Moments" is a children's book that encourages kids to recognize and appreciate the blessings in their lives. The book features colorful illustrations and simple language that makes it easy for young readers to understand the concept of being thankful for the small, yet significant moments in life. Through this book, kids will learn to see the beauty in everyday moments and understand the power of expressing gratitude through the Arabic expression "SubhanAllah" or "Glory be to God." This charming and educational book is the perfect way to instill a sense of wonder and appreciation in young readers. In addition to teaching gratitude, "Catching SubhanAllah Moments" also offers a gentle introduction to Islamic culture and values. As kids follow the story, they will learn about the importance of recognizing and appreciating the gifts from Allah, and how these moments of gratitude can bring joy and happiness to our lives. The book's positive message and uplifting tone make it an ideal choice for parents looking for books that promote positive values and reinforce good habits in their children.
The book is a great tool for parents to have conversations with their children about gratitude and mindfulness. Reading together and discussing the examples of SubhanAllah moments in the book can be a meaningful bonding experience that reinforces the values of appreciating the small things in life. "Catching SubhanAllah Moments" is a delightful and inspiring read that is sure to become a favorite in any family's library.

Kitap Detaylari

Yayinevi: Independently published 

Dili: Ingilizce   

Sayfa Sayisi:25

Boyutlari:21x21 cm